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EquipmentMay 27, 2017

Deer-Grove Medic 78 consists of a 2012 Lifeline box mounted on a Ford F450 chassis. This unit is equipped with on demand all wheel drive, air suspension and an assisted mechanical stretcher loader, which greatly enhances crew safety. On-board ALS equipment includes a Phillips Heartstart MRX monitor, hypothermia protocol adjuncts, IV fluid warmer, and King Vision video laryngoscope 2009 Horton E450.


Medic 80 is a Horton box mounted on a Ford E450 to provide a comfortable ride and great handling.  This ALS unit has the same medical equipment as M78.  We focus on having the layout of equipment as uniform as possible on both ambulances and the Response-Car 79. This allows for more efficient access and use of supplies when switching between the vehicles

Known as Car 79, this 2013 Ford Interceptor is also fully ALS equipped. This vehicle is used for a wide variety of services, from Paramedic intercepts, to our Community Medic program, scene response, outreach and starting in 2015, to deploy our Bike Medic team.

The Bike Team was made possible through a very generous donation of the DeGolier family in Deerfield, and is being supported by the DGEMS Association with additional funding. Be on the lookout for our Bike Team at festivals and other outdoor events this summer.

Demonstrating the power cot in Medic 78.

All three vehicles utilize state of the art active and passive safety devices to warn people that we are on the road. This photo shows the hi-visibility striping used on the back and sides of all vehicles to increase our staff and occupant safety.